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Lurgan Golf Driving Range

Berm lighting for Driving Range 1

Lurgan, Northern Ireland: July 2014

Sitting South-west of Belfast is the historic town of Lurgan, home to one of the most well-presented parkland courses in Nothern Ireland, Lurgan Golf Club. Known for its interesting course layout amidst densely wooded area with a challenging landscape and stunning scenic backdrop, successfully lighting Lurgan Golf Driving Range was always going to be a challenge.

Whilst there is a rural woodland element to the area, driving range one is situated on the edge of the town, resulting in a low background lighting level, meaning any new lighting would contrast with the existing level. This was further exacerbated by both a road, which runs parallel to the range, and a house situated at the end of the range.

The main challenge in lighting this range was the complexity of the space and being able to successfully illuminate the range without causing problems to the local area. Working alongside consultant Gareth McElroy of Beattie Flannigan and architect Chris Stevenson of Tate Stevenson, Abacus put together an effective lighting solution for the golf club, sympathetic to the local environment whilst restricting light overspill in areas outside of the range.

Lurgan Golf Club - Driving RangeLurgan Golf Club Driving Range
Images courtesy of Andrew Mulholland

Lurgan Golf Club utilised screening at the end of the range surrounding the local housing, so Abacus factored in the height of the screening to sufficiently restrict light overspill so as not to impact on the houses or adjacent road users.

Twenty-eight Abacus Trent floodlights were ground mounted with 400W SONP-T lamps to keep in line with the Golf Clubs’ surroundings & course visibility. The durable die-cast aluminium and powder coated Trent floodlights are styled to suit architectural and commercial locations, allowing this unobtrusive fitting to blend into the golfing scenery whilst the combination of narrow and asymmetrical beam types effectively light the challenging terrain.

The additional height of the new screening along with the Trent floodlights’ 50° flat glass reflector made this an ideal solution for those living and travelling in the local area.

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