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Redcar Bulk Terminal

Maintenance at ground level.

Cleveland, England: August 2014

Sitting along the South bank of the river Tees is Redcar Port, managed and operated by Redcar Bulk Terminal. With the port handling imports of iron ore and coal, the site is in use 24/7, meaning the lighting and column systems need to be reliable and in full working order at all times.

Redcar Port needed to replace one of the lighting masts on site, and the area requiring illumination meant the height of the mast would have to exceed 40m. An Abacus raise and lower winch mast was the ideal solution. Most raise and lower winch (RLW) masts stand between 15m and 50m. The taller end of this scale tends to be the minority, however for Redcar Port we produced one of the tallest RLW masts we have ever made at Abacus.

At 45m, maintenance and safety of a mast can be a challenge, however thanks to the design of the RLW mast, it is a perfect fit for port operations. An RLW is a fixed mast with a raising and lowering headframe, operated by a winch mechanism. This allows for ease of maintenance where space is restricted, as just the headframe is lowered to ground level around the base of the mast. This is ideal in a port setting where safety is a key focus. Keeping those undertaking maintenance clear of general port operations such as vehicle and container movements reduces the risk of injury and enables the port operations to run uninterrupted.

Raise and lower winch mast (RLW) at Redcar Bulk Terminal

Redcar Bulk Terminal (RBT) Electrical Maintenance Engineer, Rob Lofthouse was placed in charge of tackling the mast issue. “When I received the news that Lighting tower 12 had been condemned by the structural department and that it had to be replaced, I have to admit I thought this would be a difficult task. Luckily Paul Wright (Plant Engineer) discovered Abacus Lighting on the internet and I made contact with a Sales Engineer at Abacus who came to site to assess our requirements and supply a quote. I was very happy when he assured me that Abacus Lighting could supply a mast of the same height as this lighting tower and illuminate the same area as the original tower. Abacus supplied RBT with a number of options and quotes which we were very pleased with, once we decided which would best suit RBT requirements, the order was placed and progress was made at a steady pace.

I have been more than happy with everybody I have had contact with at Abacus, all have been knowledgeable and professional; from the engineer who supplied the safety paperwork to complete permits to work etc, through to the contractors who completed the ground work and the engineers who erected the mast. In my opinion, the mast is a quality product and allows the lights to illuminate the area better than the original tower. I would have no hesitation to purchase another mast from Abacus in the future.

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