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Brunel University Rugby Pitch

Rugby Pitch Lighting by Abacus

London, England: November 2014

Brunel University, one of the top 250 universities, was this year shortlisted as a team training base for the Rugby World Cup 2015. To ensure that the high standard educational establishment could provide similarly high standard training facilities, the University chose to invest in improvements to its sports facilities, including sports lighting.

The University rugby pitch is a full size pitch currently catering for the men’s 1st, men’s 2nd and women’s 1st teams, each team has a variety of scheduled training times throughout the week meaning the lighting is in near constant use throughout early, dark and night hours.

Eight raise and lower masts were installed around the full size rugby pitch to accommodate the floodlighting as well as the University’s need for maintenance friendly equipment. The Abacus raise and lower mast allows maintenance to be undertaken at ground level with little machinery required, reducing both the cost and health and safety issues often incurred when working at height.

Each raise and lower mast holds two Challenger 1 floodlights, with two additional floodlights on the end column towards the training area of the sports park. The Challenger 1 was the ideal choice due to its durability and excellent light control using flat glass technology. This reduces both light overspill and light glare, avoiding any issues that players may experience with glare, especially at goal ends where visibility is critical. Overall, 18 Challenger 1 2kW floodlights were installed, achieving a maintained average Lux of 200, ideal for rugby being played at this level. The Challenger 1 floodlights are easy to maintain with access to the lamp via the rear door of the floodlight, adding to the maintenance capabilities of this lighting system.

Brunel University is now equipped with a lighting system which meets lighting level and maintenance requirements, with the possibility of using Abacus Maintenance Elements to keep the system maintained to the highest possible level.

Brunel University Rugby Pitch

Installation works were undertaken alongside surfacing contractor Kestrel, who completed work in October 2014 with natural turf across the full size rugby pitch and training area, this project was deemed by project consultants Agrostis “a very successful project all round.”

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