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A Sports Lighting first in Bandung


Bandung, Indonesia: December 2014

Running a grass roots football league can be a challenge, without sponsorship a lack of funding can often be the biggest challenge. Abacus Singapore has this year worked with a non-profit football organisation called “FootballPlus” in order to light the first outdoor football ground in Bandung, Indonesia. Abacus being the first lighting supplier in the region to support such an initiative and help begin to improve grass roots football in Indonesia.

One outdoor football ground in Bandung caters for a range of age groups, 8 years up to 21 years, and local clubs in the area. This ground sees a large amount of use throughout the week as it is used for local league matches as well as training purposes. For these clubs and players to be able to use the ground to its full potential, a professional lighting system was needed. FootballPlus, a non-profit football organisation, works to improve grass roots football in Indonesia. Knowing how difficult receiving funding is, FootballPlus worked to ensure and guarantee funds from external sources around Asia and then approached Abacus Singapore for sponsorship of a lighting system.

Abacus supplied four HL330 18m base-hinged masts along with Challenger floodlights in order to support this first installation. The base-hinged mast solution allows the grounds to continue to operate with very little downtime for maintenance, resulting in a greater scope for use across a large number of teams and further supporting the grass roots initiative. Only four masts were used across the pitch and were teamed with high performance Challenger floodlights which provide excellent light control with low light pollution. Encased in a strong IP66 rated die cast powder coated aluminium body, the Challenger range of floodlights are ideal for withstanding the harsh outdoor environment. The design of the Challenger body allows ease of access to the lamp via a rear panel for maintenance purposes, which when combined with the Abacus base-hinged masts, makes this lighting solution one that is designed to last and continue to light the pitch for all who use it for many years to come.

Challenger Sports Floodlighting

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