Abacus Lighting

Waterloo International Station

Extra head loads on Raise and Lower Columns

London, UK: February 2015

The Department for Transport is breathing life back into Waterloo International Station. Having been disused since 2007, South West Trains began initially using a platform in 2014. The station has now re-opened additional platforms and further expansion is planned.

With the station lying neglected for a long period of time, an interior redesign and update was in order. Due to the increase in demand for rail transport, a redevelopment of the station and platforms was required along with new columns to be used for lighting, signage, signalling and CCTV. Hyder Consulting specified Abacus on this project due to the reliability and durability of the columns produced at Abacus, with the heavy duty columns being capable of holding extra head loads making them an ideal choice for use in rail.

For this project, 50 heavy duty Abacus Raise & Lower columns were installed across 500m of platform. The Abacus Raise & Lower columns have been used extensively in rail since the 1970s and to this day are the number one choice owing to their safety & maintenance capabilities. The heavy duty range of columns are designed to hold heavier loads where more than just lighting is required. In addition to the lighting, speakers & CCTV were installed on the columns. The heavy duty Raise & Lower column offers a higher stability, particularly suited to CCTV operation, as they provide minimum deflection and decrease wobble allowing the CCTV system to meet its full potential. The Raise & Lower column is lowered with a hydraulic counterbalance allowing for not only the lanterns to be maintained safely at ground level, but also facilitates quick and easy maintenance of CCTV and speakers mounted to the columns. The ease of operation enables one person to safely & quickly maintain the equipment with minimal down time, thus decreasing the chances of disruption to running and operation of the platform, which is ideal for a busy station in the centre of London.

Abacus Raise and Lower Columns at Waterloo Station

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