Abacus Lighting

Thames Water Sites: Kempton & Ashford

National Water Hygiene Cards and LED lighting.

Kempton & Ashford: October 2015

As the UK’s largest water and wastewater Services Company, Thames Water manages a variety of sites across London and the Thames Valley, ensuring that services are running safely and consistently throughout.

Safe operation on Thames Water sites is vital. With a large amount of traffic and a number of roads around the water ways, a reliable lighting solution was essential at both the Kempton and Ashford Common sites. The existing lighting needed to be upgraded to further improve road safety, whilst reducing downtime and ongoing maintenance of lighting and masts. All products and systems installed were required to meet Thames Water specifications and grant ease of maintenance, in order to meet this, Apollo LED fittings were installed on a combination of base-hinged masts and Raise and
Lower Winch masts.

The Apollo fitting is an easy to maintain, powerful LED fitting ideal for amenity and road use, making it a highly suitable choice for both sites. The high performance LEDs used in the Apollo give a highly consistent and reliable lighting distribution, delivering a safe environment for Thames Water employees to work under secure and energy efficient lighting. Time spent on maintenance is minimal due to ease of access, allowing for quick and simple maintenance checks of the internal electrics. The construction and design of the Apollo means that the LED modules are replaceable and upgradeable across all wattages, reducing the cost of re-lamping or the need to purchase replacement luminaires altogether.

The Apollo’s were mounted on top of 15m Raise and Lower Winch (RLW) masts. At 15m, the Apollo is an effective area lantern, with an adjustable mounting bracket which allows it to be post top mounted or bracket mounted on the RLW headframe. Further increasing the maintenance capabilities of this solution, the RLW mast allows for maintenance at ground level by lowering the headframe down to the ground without the requirement of lowering the mast itself. This keeps maintenance and lighting equipment contained in close quarters, not only ensuring that equipment is protected,but establishing
a safe area for maintenance to be undertaken without

interfering with ongoing operations in the area or endangering maintenance personnel. The requirement for external machinery hire and working at heights is removed with the lowering headframe design, keeping site traffic to the minimum essential vehicles and personnel, allowing for maintenance without endangering water conditioning operations close by.

A number of Abacus Raise and Lower masts were installed on the Kempton site in addition to the Raise and Lower Winch masts with Apollo fittings. These reliable and proven base-hinged masts offer the same excellent low level maintenance capabilities as the RLW masts. Unlike the RLW, the Raise and Lower mast lowers both the fitting and the mast body in a set direction according to the layout of the area for the most suitable position for maintenance to take place. This choice of mast is ideal for installations close to roads, where a headframe cannot be lowered due to close proximity to working areas, in this case sections of road and waterways.

Installation and work on site also needed to meet Thames Water specifications, with increased stipulations for trenching work in an area where water conditioning is imperative. As Abacus continues to grow our skill sets, our contracting team have gone through training and now hold National Water Hygiene cards meaning that our team is qualified to safely deliver full turnkey lighting solutions at water sites across the UK.

Abacus worked with another of Thames Waters Framework Contractors Taylor & Goodman on this project. Both companies were commended by Thames Waters who stated: “Both projects were completed on time and all staff were co-operative, flexible and a pleasure to deal with at all times. Initiative was taken on several occasions to obtain information and approvals from Thames Water staff using contacts and local information.” Both the Ashford Common and Kempton Thames Water sites now continue to operate with a reliable LED lighting solution with safe maintenance made easy.

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