Abacus Lighting

South Caucasus Pipeline Extension

Adjustable columns in the Shaz Deniz expansion.

Azerbaijan: February 2016

The South Caucasus Pipeline in Shah Deniz is an integral part of a large scale BP operation transporting gas through Azerbaijan and Georgia. Currently undergoing a Full Field Development, the Shah Deniz project aims to further increase the cubic meters of gas produced per year. As part of this expansion, the South Caucasus Pipeline is being extended into Turkey where it will link to new pipelines providing gas into Europe. Great care has to be taken when working with gases in this environment and industry, to ensure safety on site a reliable and maintainable lighting solution was needed.

With safety at the fore of this project, a combination of Abacus fixed and Raise and Lower columns were in order, with over 900 being supplied. A number of 5m and 10m Raise and Lower columns were chosen to enable for quick and safe installation, with lighting installed at ground level then raised into the upright position for operation.

Downtime in this industry is costly though the use of these base-hinged columns helps keep this to a minimum by using a hydraulically operated counterbalance to lower these heavy duty columns, the maintenance process is quick and easy and can be safely undertaken at ground level by one trained person. Using a counterbalance rather than hiring heavy machinery not only reduces safety risks, but the financial implications surrounding plant hire are also removed as is extensive planning for maintenance works.

In addition to the Raise and Lower columns, 2.2m adjustable fixed columns were mounted to the hand rails around the site. Rather than being root mounted or having a flange plate, as is typical for mounting these columns they are bolted directly onto the hand rail.

A custom designed system allows for the column height to be adjusted making allowance for any height variances along the walkways. The top half of these columns are angled at 135 degrees in order for fittings to be attached and aimed in accordance with lighting requirements.

Base hinged and adjustable lighting columns at South Caucasus Gas Pipeline BP operator
As one of the largest gas developments in the world, Shah Deniz will help provide consistent supplies from the Caspian Sea to Europe for the first time, with a little help from Abacus’ secure and maintainable lighting columns.

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