Abacus Lighting

Maintainable hockey pitch floodlighting.

Community sports lighting at Worle Community Centre.

Weston-super-Mare, England: November 2016

Worle Community Centre in Weston-super-Mare has a range of sports facilities available to the local community and is often used by the neighbouring school. The centre has a state-of-the-art gym, tennis courts, a number of workout studios and football and hockey pitches. With an increase in membership rates and school use, the centre’s Astro turf hockey pitch required new lighting. With Abacus’ solutions already implemented on adjacent pitches, Worle Community Centre entrusted the lighting design and installation once again to Abacus.

To meet the lighting requirements for both training and competitive use, high performance Challenger 1 floodlights were installed onto six 15m HL250 masts. Designed for smaller sports areas, these give an effective and powerful light distribution, with the internal double asymmetric reflector resulting in low light pollution. This reflector and flat glass design reduces glare to those using the pitch, along with possible light overspill to the nearby school and housing area. This light containment also removes any interference with the lighting levels on the nearby football pitches, netball and tennis courts.
Abacus’ proven raise and lower HL250 masts are base hinged. These allow for maintenance to be undertaken at ground level, using a hydraulic counterbalance to safely lower the mast and lighting. This removes the requirement for machine hire, reducing both the costs incurred and health and safety issues surrounding working at height. Costs and issues involved with site downtime are also reduced with maintenance timescales at a minimum.

With this performance lighting solution installed, training and competitive game opportunities are increased. The ability for training and gameplay at night under quality lighting means that local hockey teams such as South West County Champions Worle Community School Girls U16 can continue to progress without night time restrictions.


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