Abacus Lighting

Hellaby Depot

LED car park and area lighting.

Rotherham, England: March 2017

Hellaby Depot is a council depot built in 2010 to service the needs of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. With two maintenance and office buildings, a salt barn, gatehouse and car park amongst other facilities, reliable and effective lighting was required. With safety being a key consideration, Abacus Arte floodlights proved ideal in meeting the needs of the site and Rotherham MBC.Arte LED car park lighting

Using high performance LEDs, the underslung Arte floodlight gives both superior light quality and significant energy savings. Whereas the cost of running the original lighting system was high and continued to increase over time with use and essential maintenance. The LED Arte is an energy efficient Area floodlight that uses less energy than its conventional counterparts, vastly reducing running costs. Maintenance costs are minimised as LED fittings require less intervention than conventional fittings, i.e. no lamp changes and less integral parts. The LED modules inside the Arte’s die-cast aluminium body are upgradeable and replaceable, thus keeping costs to a minimum and further extending the life of the luminaire.

The requirement to fit new lighting to existing columns meant the solution needed to offer the same light distribution as the outgoing installation. With dimming and lower wattage options capable of supplying the same light distribution and levels, the Arte was the optimum choice and also had a shorter payback period based on use and operating costs. As the columns did not need replacing, the Arte bracket allowed for an easy retrofit, further reducing installation costs.

The 10 acre site now has reliable and secure LED floodlighting, further ensuring safety across the depot and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council are benefitting from decreased running costs and a more manageable maintenance schedule.

LED car park lighting at Hellaby Depot, rotherham

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