Abacus Lighting

Crescent Park

Sports lighting with Abacus base-hinged high mast system.

Qatar: April 2017

Often referred to as Qatar’s “future city,” Lusail City covers 38 square kilometres of land including a number of districts and four exclusive islands. The city is also home to Crescent Park, a recreational area divided into five separate plots, each with unique features including playparks, bike paths and architectural seating areas. A number of sports facilities are available, ranging from basketball courts, volleyball courts and a lawn bowling green; more recently a football field has been updated with a new lighting solution. The Abacus team in Qatar worked with Crescent Park to supply a suitable high mast system.

Base-hinged masts Crescent Park, Luisail City, Qatar

Six of Abacus’s base-hinged high masts were installed to accommodate the new floodlights. Installation was quick due to the base-hinged design, as each mast was built from the ground up with lighting also being installed at ground level. The masts were then raised into place, with an inbuilt gravity-lock mechanism securely locking the mast in place for increased safety. When Lighting maintenance is needed, it can be safely undertaken at ground level thanks to the masts raising and lowering capability; using a hydraulic counterbalance, the mast can be lowered by one person without the requirement for plant hire or working at height. Time spent on maintenance is kept to a minimum, with downtime reduced for continuous use without disruption at peak times.

The Abacus HL330 masts are robustly engineered and designed for medium to large projects. They range from 15m to 20m and require virtually no maintenance for the first 25 years of their life. Not only is maintenance of the floodlights easier and safer, general system maintenance is reduced along with financial costs.

Now fully commissioned for use, Crescent Park have a robust high mast system that will serve both Crescent Park and its customers for many years to come.

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