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New floodlights and masts for Selston FC

England: November 2017

Formed in 1968, Selston Football Club first played in the Alfreton and District Sunday league and continued in this league for around 8 seasons. Throughout the years, Selston FC have taken great pride in remaining focused on improving their players skills whilst operating multiple senior and junior teams. As the club has grown and progressed through the leagues, with promotion to the East Midlands Counties League at Step 6, there became a requirement for floodlighting at the ground to enable matches to be played during the evenings.

A grant was made available from the Premier League via the Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF), the country’s largest provider of grants for improvements to lower league football grounds. With the funding provided, Selston FC were able to enlist the help of Abacus to provide a professional sports lighting solution at the ground.

When providing a new sports floodlighting system, in addition to meeting the required lighting levels, consideration has to be given to the impact it may have on the surrounding area. Light overspill into adjacent areas and buildings is not only a waste of energy, it is also considered as light pollution. Planning regulations impose strict rules on the amount of overspill and glare, therefore a professionally designed and installed lighting system is necessary to meet these conditions.

With this in mind, Abacus challenger 1 floodlights were the obvious choice for this project. The Challenger 1 reduces light overspill and glare with excellent forward throw of light, which is perfect for when positioned nearby to residential areas. With multiple options for effective light distribution, the adjustable lamp holder offers three variations of peak beam elevation. The result being that Selston FC’s pitch met the floodlighting requirements without impacting on its residential surroundings.

The grounds at Selston FC also feature a cricket pitch which is directly adjacent to the football pitch. For safety purposes, two of the Abacus HL330 18m masts are able to be completely removed at ground level for the duration of the cricket season in order to avoid fielders colliding with the masts. The four masts are base hinged, allowing them to be lowered to ground level in order to carry out maintenance safely and efficiently.

On the 22nd November 2017, Selston FC hosted their first official home game under the brand new floodlighting, playing against Birstall Utd in the East Midlands Counties League Cup. Notts County and ex Selston FC player, Haydn Hollis, officially opened the event which was a great success and very well attended in spite of the pouring rain.

First floodlit match at Selston FC Selston FC Pitch Sports lighting at Selston FC Abacus sponsor first floodlit match at Selston Football floodlighting at Selston Abacus sponsors of Selston FC

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