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Abacus helps top Czech Baseball Team

Investing for the future in Class I Floodlighting

Czech Republic, February 2007

Draci Brno, (pronounced Dratzi Berno), the leading baseball team in the Czech Baseball Extra league, recently unveiled its new Class 1 floodlighting system.

Sports Lighting at Draci Brno

The 750lux infield/500lux outfield system puts others in the shade, providing one of the highest levels of baseball floodlighting in Europe; in addition the 25m base-hinged masts allow regular maintenance to be carried out simply and safely at ground level in accordance with best practice.
The club was delighted at this option: "The club wanted to avoid unsightly climbing masts, at the same time we did not want a heavy maintenance vehicle coming near the playing surface and risking damage. We’re delighted with the lighting and service offered by Abatec and Abacus".

The Abacus floodlighting system, featuring the class leading Challenger® 1 double asymmetric 2kW floodlight and GL400 25m base-hinged masts, was installed by Abatec CZ, Abacus’ specialist sports lighting partner.
Abacus helps top Czech Baseball Team invest for the future

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