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Yard lighting at Saint Gobain

HL330 masts carrying LED Arte canopy lights

Loughborough: August 2018

Saint-Gobain PAM is the UK arm of an international pipelines company, which employs around 9,000 people in over 120 countries. The company is the premier supplier of ductile iron and cast iron products to the UK's key utilities, telecoms, highways, civil engineering, construction and housing companies.

Abacus were tasked with providing a top quality large area lighting solution for the yard at Saint-Gobain, Loughborough. The Arte luminaire was chosen for this project as this surface mounted LED canopy light offers superior light quality along with significant energy savings. Designed for use in warehouses, tunnels and factory areas, these luminaires proved ideal for the Saint-Gobain project.

The LED Arte is extremely efficient and uses less energy than its conventional counterparts, thus keeping running costs to an absolute minimum. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced thanks to its LED design requiring much less intervention than a conventional luminaire e.g. regular lamp changes are not necessary. When maintenance is required, the Arte benefits from having upgradable and replaceable LED modules which greatly extend the life of the luminaire whilst taking advantage of new LED developments. The reduction in maintenance is of particular benefit to Saint-Gobain as the site has high volumes of traffic so closures are few and far between.

The Arte fittings were mounted onto 15m Abacus HL330 masts. These base hinged masts are quick and simple to assemble and install, and up to three times faster than fixed or winched lowering models to operate. With clean and modern lines, having no ladder or platform visible, these masts integrate seamlessly and unobtrusively into their surroundings.

Safety is paramount with the Abacus HL330 base hinged mast system, working at heights is completely eliminated. Floodlight inspection and maintenance along with any adjustments and replacements are carried out at ground level. Proven over many years and in many countries, the HL330 mast is virtually maintenance free thanks to straightforward design and robust engineering.

Cost savings from the Arte luminaires combined with the virtually maintenance free design of the base hinged HL330 masts will ensure that Saint-Gobain will continue to benefit from an energy efficient and sustainable lighting system for many years to come.

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