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Leek Hockey Club

LED retrofit for premier hockey club

Leek: October 2019


Leek Hockey Club is a community sports club based in Staffordshire and is one of the premier hockey clubs in England. With seven mens and four ladies league sides and teams ranging from under 8’s to veterans, the club caters for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Having an existing lighting system, supplied and installed by Abacus, the club wanted to retain the existing base-hinged masts but upgrade the floodlights to LED.


  • 45 x AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights

Being the lightest true retrofit on the market, the WS-Series LED was able to be installed on the existing mast infrastructure. The new LED lighting system provides impressive energy savings over the original metal halide system, with the floodlights able to be remotely switched on/off or dimmed when needed.

Product Overview

AAA-LUX WS-Series LED Floodlights:

  • Specifically designed for sports lighting applications
  • Instant start-up
  • Flexible dimming allows lighting levels to be reduced for training and orientation purpose
  • Long lifetime and high reliability
  • Lightest weight on the market at 22kg

AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlight

Leek Hockey Club - before retrofit Leek Hockey Club - after retrofit

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