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Abacus Lighting allows the Hockey Stars to Shine

The European Hockey Championships will be held at Belle Vue, Manchester, one of the City Council’s legacy facilities from the 2002 Commonwealth Games

Manchester, England: July 2007

Commonwealth Games. The event from the 18th to 26th of August 2007 will attract top players from both the men’s and women’s game within Europe.

The European Hockey Championships

In preparation for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, Abacus Lighting supplied and installed a total of 12 base-hinged masts and 64 Challenger® 1 floodlights to satisfy international requirements together with a flexible approach for future events. Such is the calibre of the event, it is a direct qualification route to the 2008 Beijing Olympics!
With this in mind, this unique approach to designing a completely bespoke system allows two masts to be removed and temporary stands to be installed; large crowds are expected at the venue to view the hockey stars in action.

To ensure the lighting level and uniformity is achieved the two masts that have been removed are being temporarily replaced with portable lighting. Once the event champions have been crowned the temporary stands will be removed and the original masts re-installed.

For 50 years Abacus Lighting has manufactured bespoke systems that take into account individual requirements; these may include removable masts, increased infrastructure to carry additional floodlights, base-hinged masts, lowering head-frame masts, external or internal access masts to cover your every need. This unique approach has elevated Abacus Lighting to its status as a world leader for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of sport lighting solutions.
Abacus Lighting has continually developed its core competences, leading to the expansion of its installation department to meet the increasing demand for maintainance of both its own and others installations.

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Hockey pitch lighting poles installation

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