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Aluminium Base-Hinged Columns

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Stockport, England: July 2007

When Stockport Council wanted to install new decorative columns along a footpath running between Ladybridge Road and Heath Bank Road, they turned to Abacus and its range of aluminium base-hinged columns.

Aluminium Raise & Lower Poles

With access for maintenance limited by its location, Solutions SK (a Stockport Council company) chose to install easy maintenance Abacus base-hinged columns.

The client opted for the aluminium model, offering both a more decorative finish as well as a lighter column to handle when installing. Weighing in at just 34kg for the 5m model, it offers all the benefits of its galvanised steel cousin, now in production and installed worldwide for over 40 years.
The aluminium is glass bead blasted to achieve an attractive finish; the aluminium material also offers long term low maintenance benefits to its users. All this combined with the pedigree of the Abacus system which can be found on every railway platform in the UK as the system of choice.

Andy Jopling of SK Solutions commented on his decision to install the columns:

"We have been using Abacus Raise and Lower columns for many years now and have always been impressed by the quality of workmanship.

The column we use offers many benefits, ease of raising and lowering being one, but a secure chamber compartment helps us out here where other manufacturers fail.

We have installed the new aluminium version of the raise and lower column, and found they offer the same benefits of the mild steel version but with reduced weight, this is a positive step (with manual handling regulations in mind).

The new aluminium version has lived up to my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend them".

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Aluminium Base-Hinged Columns

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