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Abacus makes light work of Heavy Haulage

Abacus makes light work of Heavy Haulage company in Cannock

Cannock, Staffordshire, England: September 2007

Bowmur Haulage Company Ltd operates a complete container distribution service from its large 14-acre site in Cannock, Staffordshire. The company needed to overhaul their lighting requirements but were struggling to find a supplier who could tackle the array of difficulties facing them.

Bowmur handles and loads/off loads two to 40 ton containers and has an operating fleet of 150 vehicles. The site requires 24 hour, unrestricted access and giant fork lift trucks are in constant motion, meaning the site could only be lit from the perimeter. The site also lies adjacent to a mainline railway and, for safety reasons, lighting columns could not be positioned where they might fall over onto the train track.

Lorry Park Lighting

Numerous overhead power lines also posed a problem. Restrictions dictated the proximity of lighting columns in order to avoid the specified "danger zone" and with such a huge area to light, it was down to Abacus to come up with a lighting solution that would satisfy not only Bowmur’s requirements, but also those of a resident family of badgers!
In partnership with Halsall Electrical, Abacus designed a lighting solution which not only overcame the logistical restrictions, but also has a minimal environmental impact. The installation of Abacus’ low pollution floodlights means minimal light pollution onto adjacent areas.

Abacus supplied a total of 24 lighting columns and masts to the site. Due to the restrictions in the container yard and lorry park, 10m raising and lowering base-hinged columns (RLHs) have been installed. This system allows lowering of the columns by a hydraulic counterbalance, meaning that maintenance can be carried out at ground level in complete safety.

Those areas of the site that allow more room for manoeuvre are fitted with 25m and 30m high, raising and lowering winch masts (RLWs). These masts ensure safe and controlled lowering of the head frame via an electrically driven winch.

The levels designed for the container area are 55 lux when space is free from containers and 52 lux when stacked, taking account of shadowing. In the lorry park areas, levels are 46 lux with 40 lux levels being installed in the car park areas. Arrivals and weighbridge areas have enhanced levels. AL5216 and 5006 floodlights - both fitted with cowls - are installed, together with AL5011 floodlights in order to keep upward light and overspill to a minimum. The chosen light source is high pressure sodium.

Peter Brunt, Sales Engineer from Abacus, commented: "By working together with Halsall Electrical and Bowmur Haulage, we have succeeded in designing and installing a complex solution. We are proud to have overcome the limitations and sensitivities of the location - on time and to budget!"
The Abacus range of 12m to 50m base-hinged masts offers an ideal platform for floodlighting large areas such as airports, ports and sports stadia. They can also be utilised for alternative applications such as wind turbines and telecommunications applications.

In comparison to fixed masts, base-hinged masts are fast and simple systems to install. Large cranes are not necessary, as the hydraulic units are used to carry out the installation as well as maintenance. No climbing or high lifting platform is required and the simplicity of its engineering principles ensures a virtually maintenance free life.

Abacus specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of exterior lighting systems. The company has 50 years experience in global lighting, having developed lighting solutions for airports; docks; harbours; station platforms; motorways and retailers. Abacus is the expert behind the lighting at iconic landmarks such as The Winter Palace in St Petersburg, prestigious sporting venues like the English FA Academy Stadium, plus Tesco and Asda car parks and every single train station in the UK.

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