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Abacus lights the way for retail customers

Abacus lights the way for retail customers with new lanterns

Sutton In Ashfield, England: October 2007

Orion lantern at a Tesco store

The new lanterns are following in the footsteps of the highly successful Orion, which took the UK lighting market by storm in 1999. The innovative, patent-protected optics of the Orion delivered both a square and uniform lighting distribution superior to anything available at the time or, indeed, today. Such has been the success of the Orion that it has been adopted by major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

Tesco has recently installed the Orion into two of its newest store car parks - Nottinghamshire’s Mansfield and Alfreton. The supermarket giant continues to use the Orion because of the Optimum Reflector System (ORS) it incorporates. This unique system ensures the environmental impact is significantly reduced by eliminating any light overspill. In addition, by using the Orion, fewer lighting points are required, compared to conventional car park lighting solutions.

Mark Law, Head of Engineering Delivery for Tesco, commented: "Abacus has supplied exterior lighting for our car park lighting solutions since 1993, providing a high quality service at all stages, from design to installation. We have continued to use the Orion, mounted at 12m, for its high performance, delivered through a twin 400 watt lamp option. This generates fewer lighting points and reduced infrastructure which, in turn, reduces our initial costs and long term running and maintenance costs."

Delivering equally high performance, the new models Orion 2 & 3 have been developed for smaller scale car parking and open area developments. Typically mounted at 5m to 8m, the lanterns are designed to achieve specified lighting levels whilst utilising fewer lighting points then rival products.


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