Abacus Lighting

Blessed Thomas Holford College

Meeting strict FA Regulations

Altrincham, March 2007

Blessed Thomas Holford College
With the control of obtrusive light a driving factor on this project, Mike Steer of Trafford Borough Council commented, "Trafford Council specified a Sports Lighting Contractor for a Fieldturf Soccer Pitch at Blessed Thomas Holford College, Altrincham to minimise obtrusive light. We were looking for floodlights that could illuminate a full size football pitch but at the same time meet strict FA Regulations and would not effect the near by residents. Abacus had the perfect solution for us in the Challenger® 1 floodlights that have been specifically designed for outdoor synthetic pitches. The lighting system met all our requirements and Abacus answered all our questions we had regarding over spill, sky glow and glare.
The service provided by Abacus Lighting Ltd over the last 4 months has enabled the works to be successfully and completed on time. If we ever have a job similar we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again".

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